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Cape Point Vinyard

Rated as one of the top ten most beautiful cities to visit in the world, with gorgeous oak-lined avenues, and prestigious, immaculate suburbs following the contour of the mountain range as it curves into the sea, at the convergence of two mighty oceans (The Indian and the Atlantic), Cape Town is undoubtedly worth a visit for any traveller with a spirit of adventure, a yearning to experience Africa, and a desire to experience all of this in first world comfort.

When it comes to accommodation, there are many options, from boutique hotels to B&B’s. However, with a very favourable rate of exchange as foreign traveller, it is worth taking advantage of the many luxury options available – from sea-facing villas to sleekly curated state-of-the-art V&A Waterfront apartments. Find your ideal holiday apartment here.

Thanks to the advantages it offers, most people prefer plush self-catering apartments. Not only does it provide you with more independence, it’s considerably less expensive than a hotel, while being more spacious and comfortable than B&B. Luxurious self-catering facilities in Cape Town alone, range from Atlantic-facing villas with sweeping ocean views, to guest houses perched on at the foot of Table Mountain, with characteristic views of the harbour, and twinkling city lights at night

While Cape Town has earned a top spot as one of the most desirable destinations in the world, it is important to note that not all areas in and around Cape Town are prominent areas. Bearing this in mind, find out which areas are in fact, affluent areas, and make your choice accordingly.

Since Cape Town thrives on the tourist industry, you can almost always find these exclusive “portfolio” suites available at discounted prices.

Top of the range self-catering accommodation includes apartments on the V&A Waterfront, or villas overlooking Camps Bay. Then there are the more affordable places of accommodation, which may not offer the same standard of luxury when it comes to the quality of amenities, services and décor, but they’re equally as comfortable. Alternatively, you may find the same standard of luxury at a lower cost, simply because it’s located in a cheaper area. Areas deemed luxurious would not only include the obvious like Camps Bay, Hout Bay and Constantia, but also lesser known locations like Melkbosstrand.

The dense variety of self-catering facilities can be overwhelming. Rather than just pull a location out of hat, you’ll need to do some research regarding the area in which you’ll stay, the amenities you want and need, and how much you can afford to spend. Be sure to visit the websites and check the reviews left by previous guests. Adequate time spent on research and planning will ensure that you have a wonderful holiday with no disappointments.

Benefits of Joining MMA and Kickboxing Classes at SBG Cape Town

The chances of you meeting a Mixed Martial Arts fighter that isn’t in incredible shape is quite slim. Why? For starters, MMA training happens to be a full body work out. No other sport will push your body to its limits such as this one, hence the incredible shape of the MMA fighter. However, Kickboxing comes in at a close second. The training consists of high energy workouts just as MMA does.

MMA and Kickboxing Classes at SBG Cape Town

Classes for each of these are not solely meant for those looking to learn how to fight. They’re also for those seeking to increase their fitness, strength, energy and much more. Below are a few benefits MMA and Kickboxing classes at SBG Cape Town offer to participants:

Builds Self Confidence

Knowing how to fight generally keeps your mind feeling calmer, freer and a lot more relaxed. Learning self-defense will inevitably boost your confidence and make you feel like there’s no obstacle or challenge you can’t overcome. These enhanced confidence levels will help increase your leadership qualities, teach you to handle confrontations successfully, and enable you to face and overcome obstacles.

Develops Discipline

Enrolling in either Kickboxing or MMA classes will teach you the importance of discipline for without it you’ll realize you won’t be able to reach your desired fitness goals. The discipline each of these classes teach, is something you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life, applying it in every facet of your life along the way. These sports are all about consistency, sticking to schedules and practice. These disciplines automatically filter into the day to day lives of its participants.

Burns Calories Fast

There are many ways of burning calories in a regular gym, but none of them compare to the speed at which its achieved through Kickboxing and MMA training. While a mere forty-five-minute striking class can result in you burning up to 600 calories, it would take twice as long on a treadmill, moving at medium pace. What’s more, the training done during these classes uses more muscle groups than cycling or running on the treadmill and your core is constantly engaged.

Teaches Self-Defense

The most obvious advantage to enrolling in each class is that you’ll eventually learn how to properly defend yourself. Unlike other fighting sports, such as boxing, where you’re only taught how to strike with your fists, kickboxing teaches you various strikes and kicks, while MMA encompasses ground and stand up fighting as well as takedowns over and above these techniques. Training in these scenarios will help you learn how to remain calm and effectively defend yourself during real-life situations.

All in all, both Kickboxing and MMA classes offer numerous benefits to your mind and body. They’re an ideal choice for those of you that may have found themselves in a fitness rut. Reach your fitness goals faster by contacting SBG Cape Town to enroll in one of the two. You won’t regret it.

Belt Conveyors for a Modern Automated Bakery

Every large-scale manufacturing process involves a lot of material movement. Manual movement of these materials can not only waste time but also increase the cost of manufacture. This is where conveyor belts come in handy.

Different types of conveyor systems are used in different industries to send products from one place to another quickly, easily and efficiently. For instance, industrial food conveyor belts work best in food manufacturing industries, but they won’t work well in the mining industry. When it comes to industrial food conveyors, one size doesn’t fit all neither. Fresh food manufacturing will require different conveyor systems to baked or cooked food manufacturing, so it’s essential to determine which conveyor system will suit your manufacturing-needs best.

Moving bakery products around can be challenging, but bakery conveyors make it easy. Using different conveyor belts at each part of the production process, the products are automatically moved to and from the mixers, ovens and freezers during the baking process. Each belt is therefore engineered to withstand the extreme conditions it is subjected to. After baking, the product is automatically fed into the cooling belt system. Defective products are moved into the rejecting conveyors while the rest of the them are packaged and ejected.

The reasoning behind installing bakery conveyors systems rather than having the process done manually is rather simple. They ensure uniformity in your products and the whole production process is automatic, so you won’t need many employees. The production process is continuous over long periods of time, because conveyors don’t need to take breaks, so at the end of the day, more units of the same quality are produced at a lower cost and in less time. This means that your conveyor system will end up paying for itself and save you a lot of money in the long run.

All baked products should be packaged quickly for them to remain fresh. With conveyors, the packaging process is easy and fast and you do not have to worry about fragile products like biscuits. The conveyors are easy to clean. They are therefore sanitary and suitable for use with food and give you a trouble-free and safe food production.

For the best results, choose a conveyor specifically made to suit your products and the size of your production. The factors to consider include the type and temperature of products you bake, the size of load the conveyor belt is to carry, if your product is oily, greasy or dry and finally, the angle at which the product is to be transported. For reliable information and advice about conveyor belts, visit this website.

The Needlework Revolution

The Modern Woman on the 1990’s had an aversion to anything homemade or handmade, preferring to purchase products mass produced.  Knitted jerseys, crocheted cloths, hand stitched articles, tapestries and cross stitch articles were considered old fashioned, prudish and not meant for the modern age.

The past ten years has seen a rapidly rising interest in all of the above needle crafts.  In fact, it has become somewhat of a novelty for women and men and children to take up their needles and learn one or more of these cross stitching and needlework crafts.

Women’s craft magazines display interesting variations of vintage looks and modern trendy takes to try out.  A whole new culture has been developed that has not only changed the way in which needlework was viewed in the 1990’s, but also in exploring the individuals’ creativity in putting together pieces of work that are more trendy or artistic in nature.

modern cross stitching

The term “needlework” refers to any handicraft that uses a needle to create artistic, or useful articles of clothing, decorative art, toys, etc.

The interest in needlework has opened up a whole new area of education for those interested in history or geography.  Many people have discovered stitching crafts used by their ancestors as they had to make do with the resources available to them.  A greater sense appreciation goes into a piece of needlework when one understands the cost and time consuming effort women went through in the past to ensure that their homes looked homely, the basic needs of the family were met in the area of clothing and of course in decorating their homes, whether it was through quilted work, cross stitch or some other form of embroidered work to liven up their homes.

The gift of a needlework, learned and passed on through the generations, seemed to have almost come to a time of extinction in some circles towards the end of the last century.  But, thankfully, there were those who for the love of the craft, continued to knit, crochet, embroider, cross stitch, etc. And it is these men and women who have given us the gift of learning these wonderful crafts once again.

The added advantage we have in the 21st Century is that we have the wonderful world of the internet at our disposal.  We can google anything from tutorials to cross stitch online shops to online craft magazines to online groups and forums that help us to gain knowledge, insight and ideas for any needlework craft we wish to learn.

Creative Cloud Libraries Streamline Processes Across Adobe CC Products

Learn how to access, organize, and share creative assets with other users, and Adobe desktop and mobile apps.

Easily access, organize and share your design assets using Creative Cloud Libraries. As you and your creative team move between computers and devices, your shared library items are ready to use anywhere, in your Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps. Create personal and shared libraries to keep track of brand identity assets, frequently-used icons for web layouts, video clips, or your go-to brushes and color themes for illustrations. Your library items are automatically synced to your Creative Cloud account, so you can work with them wherever you are, even if you’re offline.

Add assets created in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Muse, Fuse CC (Preview), and Animate CC. You can also add assets created in Adobe mobile apps or downloaded from Adobe Stock or Creative Cloud Market.

Creative Cloud Libraries

Add assets to CC Libraries

To add assets to a Creative Cloud Library in your desktop app, go to Window > Libraries to open the Libraries panel.

You can use the Library menu to create a new Library and name it, or simply add assets to the default library, named My Library.


Click the corresponding button in the Libraries panel to add graphics, text styles, colors, and effects from your document. You can also add graphic assets such as shapes and photos by dragging them directly from your project into the Libraries panel.

Asset thumbnails are organized by category, so they’re easy to locate. Double click an asset’s title to rename it.

Now that the asset is saved to a library, it’s easy to drag and drop it to add it to other projects.

Add assets from Adobe Stock and mobile apps

Adobe CC

You can access Adobe Stock directly from Adobe desktop applications.

In the Libraries panel, click the Adobe Stock icon. With Adobe Stock, you can easily browse images, illustrations, and video assets directly from the CC Libraries panel. When you find the right asset, download a watermarked version of the asset directly to your Libraries. Now you can use your newly saved Adobe Stock asset in any Adobe desktop application.

When you’re ready to use the non-watermarked version, right-click the asset thumbnail in your library and choose License this image/video from the pop-up menu.

You can easily add assets to Libraries from Adobe’s growing family of mobile apps and services. Assets are automatically converted to the right formats for use in your desktop or mobile apps.

Reuse assets from CC Libraries

Once assets are saved to Libraries, you can reuse them in your designs—in the same file, another project, or another app—without worrying that you’ll grab the wrong versions.

To add a graphic asset to your project, drag it directly from the Library onto your Illustrator artboard, Photoshop canvas, InDesign layout, Premiere Pro or Animate CC timeline, or web page layout in Dreamweaver and Muse CC.

To apply layer styles, colors, and text styles, select an object in your project and click the thumbnail of the desired library asset.

For the full story click here:

When it comes to Adobe products, Adobe has done an excellent job of integrating their applications to streamline the processes required to achieve your end goal. Creative Cloud libraries is an excellent example of this.

You can buy Adobe CC directly from the official Adobe website. However, if you are from South Africa and local support is important to you, we would recommend that you purchase from a local Adobe partner. Learning Curve – Adobe Reseller is an official partner that offers great support to students, education and business alike. They also have a national footprint.

However, they are only one of a few official Adobe partners so feel free to do your own research to get the best deal for you.

Getting Your Cape Town Business to the Top with SEO Services

A strong online presence is essential when it comes to your Cape Town business, but in order to achieve this you need to have an infallible SEO strategy in place. So how does one go about this? In this article, we’ll take you through the steps to get your business the online exposure it needs to get ahead of your competition and keep it that way.SEO Page Rank

The first thing you’ll need is a website to advertise your products or services. You could try to design it yourself, but chances are it won’t look as professional as it needs to. The best way to go about this is to have it done professionally. You could have your website built by a web-designing specialist. The web-designer is sure to provide you with a beautiful website, but you’ll need more than just a good-looking website to have an online presence.

To have a strong online presence, your website needs to rank high in the search engines. This means that when people do an online search for a product or service that you provide, you want them to see your website on the first page, and preferably in the first 5 websites displayed. In order to achieve this, your website will need to be optimized and this is where hiring SEO services comes in.

First prize is finding a local SEO company that designs websites too. They’ll be able to set up a professional, user-friendly website that has everything in place for them to get started on getting your website to page 1 on the search engines.

If you already have a website, the SEO firm may require you to make a few changes to your website in order for them to be able to do the necessary work to get it to page 1.

Once the SEO consultant knows what products or services your business offers, he or she should be able to perform a keyword research analysis to see which keywords pertaining to your products and services, are searched for most and use this information to advise you which keywords you should try to get your website to rank for. Keywords are the words or phrases that people type into the search engines when looking for products and services.

Once you’ve agreed on which keywords you’d like your website to rank for, the SEO professionals will get to work on getting your website to the first page of the search engines while you continue to concentrate your time and energy on running your business as usual.

A good SEO company will explain that it will take a few months to see the desired results and keep you updated on the progress they’ve made on your website. If a SEO company promises you a number 1 spot in the search engines overnight, it should serve as a warning not to use them. The chances are that they’re using blackhat methods which put your website at risk of being penalized by the search engines.

As is the case with all investments, it is crucial to do proper research on what what search engine optimizers can realise for your business so that you’ll have clear understanding of what to expect. Find out what the going rate for proper SEO services is and make sure you budget for it.

Once you attain the services of a reputable SEO agency there’s only one way your website is headed in the search engines, and it’s to the top.