The Needlework Revolution

The Modern Woman on the 1990’s had an aversion to anything homemade or handmade, preferring to purchase products mass produced.  Knitted jerseys, crocheted cloths, hand stitched articles, tapestries and cross stitch articles were considered old fashioned, prudish and not meant for the modern age.

The past ten years has seen a rapidly rising interest in all of the above needle crafts.  In fact, it has become somewhat of a novelty for women and men and children to take up their needles and learn one or more of these cross stitching and needlework crafts.

Women’s craft magazines display interesting variations of vintage looks and modern trendy takes to try out.  A whole new culture has been developed that has not only changed the way in which needlework was viewed in the 1990’s, but also in exploring the individuals’ creativity in putting together pieces of work that are more trendy or artistic in nature.

modern cross stitching

The term “needlework” refers to any handicraft that uses a needle to create artistic, or useful articles of clothing, decorative art, toys, etc.

The interest in needlework has opened up a whole new area of education for those interested in history or geography.  Many people have discovered stitching crafts used by their ancestors as they had to make do with the resources available to them.  A greater sense appreciation goes into a piece of needlework when one understands the cost and time consuming effort women went through in the past to ensure that their homes looked homely, the basic needs of the family were met in the area of clothing and of course in decorating their homes, whether it was through quilted work, cross stitch or some other form of embroidered work to liven up their homes.

The gift of a needlework, learned and passed on through the generations, seemed to have almost come to a time of extinction in some circles towards the end of the last century.  But, thankfully, there were those who for the love of the craft, continued to knit, crochet, embroider, cross stitch, etc. And it is these men and women who have given us the gift of learning these wonderful crafts once again.

The added advantage we have in the 21st Century is that we have the wonderful world of the internet at our disposal.  We can google anything from tutorials to cross stitch online shops to online craft magazines to online groups and forums that help us to gain knowledge, insight and ideas for any needlework craft we wish to learn.


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